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Step #2: Assemble the frame (in blue) by using the 4 cross braces and 2 end caps -- best to do this up-side-down on a bench to keep all the cross braces flush with the top of the skirt. That’s important.  Keep everything square. Make sure the frame sits flat on the bench. Clamping or weights help. Since you will be screwing on the legs from the inside, add only the glue blocks that wont cover the any screws at the corners.

Step #3: Still working up-side-down, attach two legs -- from the inside -- on one side with the frame inset 1/4” each end. Keep the legs flush and square to the table. Glue in the two dowel rungs (check first to make sure they are not too long). Clamp on the second set of legs, turn right side up to check for level and If good, carefully turn back over on to the table and screw (don’t rely only on glue) them on. Now add any glue blocks that cover the screws.

Step #4: Glue in the two Skirt filler pieces -- cut to fit (in yellow)

Step #5: Nail/screw & glue the slats to the frame using the 1/4” spacers. The slats are centered on the frame length and overlap the legs 1/4” on both sides. Start there, but test for fit. Clamp on a block as a stop at one end to keep everything even.

Step #6: Add the quarter round moulding.

Step #7: Finish

Step #1: A visual cutting list.  Again, all stock materials as noted. Metricize (Is that a word?) it if you wish.  Also ease/round over (by sanding or routing) all exposed edges now while they are easy to handle.

Lumber needed: 1x3’s for the seat slats and cross braces, 1x4’s for the skirt and skirt filler, 2x3 legs, 1” dia. wood dowel and 3/4” radius quarter round molding.   

Assembly notes:

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print lumber list 2_40_platform_bench_with_cushion_2_files/cutting%20list.png