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light bench

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Step #2: Glue up the 4 leg assemblies long -- 18 1/2” will do -- to be trimmed to size at 85 degrees after the glue dries. Don’t nail/screw too close to the ends of the leg blanks since you are trimming them at an angle. Also keep track of what leg goes where since there are lefts and rights and it can get confusing.

Step #3: Assemble the frame (in blue) by using the 6 cross braces -- best to do this up-side-down on a bench to keep all the cross braces flush with the top of the skirt. That’s important. The two end cross braces will be flush with the end of the skirts at 85 degrees. The adjacent cross braces abutting them are at 90 degrees, as are the middle two cross braces. Keep everything square. Make sure the frame sits flat on the bench. Clamping or weights help. Add only the screw blocks that wont cover the any leg screws (if you are screwing form the inside as in the next step).

Step #4: Still working up-side-down, clamp on the legs. Keep the legs flush to the table and flush with the ends of the skirts at 85 degrees. Turn right-side-up to check the level. If good, turn back over on to the table and glue and screw (don’t rely only on the glue) on the legs. Work from the inside if you can.  Clamping helps. Use the Leg rungs as spacers to keep the legs at their proper distance apart. Add any glue blocks that cover the screws now.

Step #5: Glue/nail in the Leg rungs (in green) and cut/fit in the two Skirt filler piece (in yellow).

Step #6: Nail/screw & glue the slats to the frame using the 1/4” spacers. The slats are centered on the frame length and flush with the outside of the legs on both sides. Start there, but test for fit. Clamp on a block as a stop at one end to keep everything even.

Step #7: Fill the nail/screws holes and finish.

Step #1: A visual cutting list.  Again, all stock materials as noted. Metricize (Is that a word?) it if you wish. Cut the square ended pieces first, then leave the saw set at 5 degrees (85) to trim the Skirt filler pieces last to fit. Also ease/round over (by sanding or routing) all exposed edges now while they are easy to handle.

Lumber needed: 1x3 = 6 piece @ 8‘ but check for bad knots that you might want to cut out. I used pine. Also check for dents, straightness and warping. An extra piece (if you have room) might not hurt. Pallet lumber would work for the slats, but add another skirt connector since that wood is prone to cracking -- probably not good for the glued up legs.     

Assembly notes:

  print notes  26_37_A_straight_froward_bench_2_files/assembly%20notes.pdf
print cutting list 26_37_A_straight_froward_bench_2_files/final%20final%20cutting%20list.png